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"We have more control over the product as it goes through each phase of the manufacturing state to make sure that we deliver a good product. We’re seeing it right before processing, right after processing and at all points of contact without having to ship it elsewhere."

Kinsey Galbraith, Quality Systems Manager MAX Aerostructures

"The advantage we have being able to do everything under one roof is that we bring material in, the parts are machined, processed, then go to assembly and inspection. Everything is done right here, so we are able to control it from start to finish without the parts ever leaving."

Jeff Pauli, Director of Business Development
 MAX Aerostructures

"When you have a one-stop-shop, you go from raw material straight to the customer. You can deliver a lot better quality control and timeline. If you can do everything in-house, you have 100 percent control over that product and when it gets to a customer."

Josh Mace, CNC Lead Machinist
 MAX Aerostructures

"It’s not so much about the work we do but about the team we’ve built and the way we work together. That is directly related to the leadership building a good team, getting the right people and moving everyone in the right direction."

James Kellogg, Director of Information Technology MAX Aerostructures

"I wake up every day happy to come to work. It’s an awesome company. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Kimberly Sawyer, Quality Inspector MAX Aerostructures

"My favorite thing about MAX is the way that the company is structured. It’s family-oriented, which means we can participate in different events and activities with our families. Also, [the leadership] tries to lead with a positive attitude, which picks us up."

Amy Crowe, Purchasing Agent MAX Aerostructures

"MAX Aerostructures actually came to my school, came up to me and asked if I would like to be a machinist at MAX. I absolutely love it here. The leadership at MAX is definitely one-on-one, which a lot of machine shops don’t have. There are great people here!”"

Kristen Leep, CNC Machinist MAX Aerostructures

"[Our team] personifies the definition of a work family. I consider myself lucky to be here."

Carin Crumrine, Planning & Scheduling Manager. MAX Aerostructures