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A Vision for the Future

Based in Wichita, Kansas, MAX Aerostructures is the start-up aerospace manufacturer that was inspired by big dreams and aspirations but founded on real-world experience and hard work. The result has been a dream come true for all involved, from Wichita-based partners who founded our company to the many employees who have made it possible. In less than a decade, we have become a leading aerospace manufacturer with an even more ambitious vision for the years to come, including our recent expansion in capabilities that enables us to support semiconductor manufacturers.

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Our Company Culture

MAX Aerostructures is passionate about having a team in place that feels great about what we do, enjoys coming to work each day and takes pride in delivering on our commitment to each customer. We have grown tremendously since our inception and have a vision for continuing that growth forward, so we encourage you to learn about joining our team!

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Our Impressive Growth

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  • MAX Aerostructures was formed by young but skilled aerospace professionals who have spent their careers in Wichita, along with the backing of Bird’s Eye Holdings, a well-known family firm with a long history in the manufacturing business.
  • The company purchased and started operating from our 206,000-square-foot building on 12 acres of land in southwest Wichita, which was previously a Bombardier Business Aircraft building.
  • MAX Aerostructures acquired Paradigm Machine, a company in El Dorado, Kansas, that manufactured parts primarily for Tier II aircraft suppliers. The acquisition included machining equipment, their customer base and employees. The two Paradigm Machine founders are now ownership members at MAX Aerostructures.
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Significant remodeling to the MAX Aerostructures building was completed, including upgrading the office area, roof and facade work, and some renovation within the facility.

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MAX Aerostructures grew our capability significantly with several key equipment additions. Our first Makino MAG3.EX was installed along with our fourth Mazak 5-axis hard-metal machine. Remodel of our employee breakroom was also completed along with office renovations.

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MAX Aerostructures expanded our capabilities significantly with the manufacturing of components and assemblies for semiconductor manufacturers that build wafer fabrication equipment.


What Employees Are Saying

"It’s not so much about the work we do but about the team we’ve built and the way we work together. That is directly related to the leadership building a good team, getting the right people and moving everyone in the right direction."

James Kellogg, Director of Information Technology MAX Aerostructures

"I wake up every day happy to come to work. It’s an awesome company. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Kimberly Sawyer, Quality Inspector MAX Aerostructures